Best Password Manager: 4 Clear Reasons It’s Important
Why a Password Manager is Critical to your Overall Security Due to security concerns, businesses have come to terms with just how important a password manager is. Internet security has become a ...
How Effective is a Firewall Against Cyberattacks?
How effective is a firewall against malicious cyberattacks? Modern firewalls go another step further and attempt to identify the kind of application making the connection, such as HTTPS or SSH. ...
DDoS Attacks: How to Protect Your Business
DDoS Attacks DDoS attacks refer to distributed denial-of-service attacks. This is a cyber-attack where the perpetrator uses another network or computer to send an overwhelming surge of traffic to ...
How to Protect Your Router from Malware
How do you protect your router from malware? First let's get to the basics: What is a router? In layman's terms, a router is a device that transmits data from one network to another. In other ...
Website Templates: 4 Reasons They Make Perfect Sense
Why use website templates to build your site? Some people have a "thing" against website templates. They insist on having a "custom" look and feel. While there's nothing wrong with that, web ...
Open-Source Security Flaws and How to Protect Yourself
Open-source security flaws exist in most of the today's software applications are built upon what we call "open-source" libraries. This is typically based on code that is freely available and ...
Shared Hosting: 4 Security Concerns and How You Can Be Secure
It's important to understand that most modern "Cloud Hosting" is actually shared hosting but with a fancy twist. Hosting companies often configure their dedicated or VPN servers to sell shared ...
How a VPN Protects Your Network Against Malware
Examining how a VPN protects your network The role that VPNs play in protecting networks from malware has been understated. In this article, we'll review the basics of how a VPN protects your ...
What Is A DNS Leak?
DNS leaks are essentially vulnerabilities that allow DNS requests to be passed to your ISP. In other words, a DNS leak affects your privacy by sending a query to an unencrypted DNS request used on ...
2 Top Reasons To Use A VPN
People don't pay much attention to online security these days, which is why hackers are able to carry out thousands of attacks every day. VPNs (Virtual Private Network) have catapulted to a key role ...
2 Features of the Best Antivirus Software
We all want to know which is the best antivirus software in the market. An antivirus is a popular software for computer users who value the security and the information on the devices or the devices ...
Free Vs. Paid Antivirus Software and Which One To Choose
There is no doubt in saying that antivirus plays a major role in keeping your device safe from malware and it's important to know which antivirus software is right for you. It protects your data ...
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