3 Email Marketing Tips for Amazing Results!

Email Marketing Tips you can implement today

There were some publications that stated that email marketing is dead since most people now interact via social media. That assertion was not borne by facts. The truth is, email marketing is here to stay.

Even in the age of social media, it is hard to imagine a better and more laser-focused way to get your message across to your target audience. Email is quick, cheap and your audience can read your messages without distractions.

But there is a right and wrong way to do email marketing. Here are 4 email marketing tips that can boost your success rate:

  1. Provide value

Email marketers dread when their subscribers unsubscribe to their newsletters or email blasts. The reason for this can be summed up using one word: value. One of the best email marketing tips is to make sure there is value in the message. If a subscriber perceives value in your message, they will be bound to do two things: (1)They will not unsubscribe and (2) they will most likely click on the links provided in the email.

2. Track your campaigns

This can be difficult if you’re using a free service like Gmail or Yahoo or Hotmail. But if you’re using an email autoresponder service, you can easily track how your email marketing campaigns are doing via a dashboard. This is also one of the best email marketing tips.

The things we want to look at here are:

Open Rates: You may be sending a ton of emails but, not getting the desired results. This should lead you to ask one question: are your subscribers opening your emails? If they aren’t, why?

Click through rates: Once you have resolved the open-rates issue, the next step is to track the click-through-rates. Typically, emails contain links to pages or other locations where you want to drive traffic. If your subscribers are opening your emails, are they clicking on the links inside?

Opt-Out Requests: Are people leaving your list as quickly as they join it? You may need to work on your offer, your copy, your layout, or all the above.

3. Develop an email schedule

Instead of sending messages randomly, develop a consistent schedule. This ensures your customers know when to expect emails from you.

Email experts have reported that consistency is one of the most important email marketing tips.

4. Use a professional email marketing autoresponder service

This is clearly what separates the goats from the sheep.One of the most important email marketing tips is to use a professional email autoresponder service. The top ones are:

Aweber, Constant Contact, and GetResponse

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The advantages of using a professional autoresponder service cannot be overstated. These include the ability to track your open rates, click-through-rates, and even traffic.

Professional email autoresponder services also come with one other feature that every businesses should have: the ability to comply with the law when it comes to spam, solicitation, and unsubscribing.

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