Open-Source Security Flaws and How to Protect Yourself

Open-source security flaws exist in most of the today’s software applications are built upon what we call “open-source” libraries. This is typically based on code that is freely available and shared by developers openly on online repositories. Because of this, many have voiced security concerns. How safe as these libraries and can they be exploited by malicious actors?

Top software developers have found that over 60% of all the common apps we use have open-source library flaws. A whopping 97% had a critical flaw that could be exploited.

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As developers create an application, they add code that relies on other libraries. Hence the final code could contain a patchwork of many different dependencies many different open-source libraries. This makes the app vulnerable to intrusion and manipulation by outside entities. It also makes it difficult to guard against Open-Source Security Flaws which can cascade across the entire application and do massive damage.

Also because the libraries are created by different developers, they may not be updated at the same time. This means some libraries in an application may contain outdated code that can then become vulnerable to attacks.

open-source security flaws

Apply software patches on a regular basis

While dealing with Open-Source Security Flaws, it is important to note that open sources libraries can be very varied, there is nevertheless a specific programming language used in a particular app. Computer scientists have found that applications written in PHP, JavaScript, and Ruby have more open source dependencies that for instance, app written in .NET, Swift and Go applications.

Why is this important?

This means that in over 90% of Open-Source Security Flaws can be easily fixed using a minor update or patch. Most of the major developers usually release regular updates to patch detected problems. It’s important to ensure your operating system is regularly patched to fix loopholes and close vulnerabilities. Most of today’s top antivirus software applications can provide excellent protection against the most common Open-Source Security Flaws.

Open-Source Security Flaws

Most antivirus software applications can help with guard against open-source security flaws

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Investing in one of the above cybersecurity antivirus solutions is also an excellent way to guard against open-source security flaws that may exist in your most commonly-used apps. They ensure you are aware of any vulnerabilities present in your system. They also update all your applications and send reminders whenever new patches are available for download

Most modern antivirus software applications also come with total home security which includes protecting your browser against unwanted intrusions and monitoring. They also offer parental controls to manage your children’s internet access while still performing malware detection. This is a great way to guard against Open-Source Security Flaws on your most commonly-used apps.

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