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What is Password Management Software?  This is software that helps users create, synchronize, reset, and secure passwords. On this page, we showcase the best Password Management Software for your business. Whether you want to compare product reviews and features to build your list you’ve come to the right page.

Password Management Software helps keep sensitive data secure and consistent. It also provides audit-level proof points to help meet compliance requirements. One of the best ways this software helps businesses is in time savings. Never spend inordinate amounts of time scanning or updating lists or spreadsheets as well as copy and pastes errors that can lead to account lockouts and resets. Just one click locks and secures all the documents

Need to guard against data breaches and cyberthreats? Password Management Software prevents password-related data breaches and guards against unwanted intrusions by keeping away unauthorized parties from your most sensitive data.

What is a password manager? It’s a tool that allows you to safely store your login information in an encrypted format and retrieve it whenever you need it. Its sole purpose is to prevent unauthorized access by hackers whose primary focus is to steal your private and confidential info. Most password managers utilize what is known as a “Master Password” which is referred to as the “key” to encrypt and decrypt your data. This makes it easy for the user because they only have to concern themselves with remembering the Master Password rather than a series of usernames/passwords for every site they visit.

With the number of cyberthreats on the rise, this is a great time to transition to a password manager. If you haven’t yet gotten a password manager tool, there are great selections available. Even renowned cybersecurity experts recommend integrating the use of a password manager into your computer systems. There is a variety of different subscription options available for both commercial and personal use. Most come with a 30-day free trial with no-obligation cancelation.

With this type of subscription, customers get full control over who all has access to what information. In addition, customers experience the benefit of anti-phishing protection.

Today’s top password managers also come with the ability to be highly portable. Users can purchase a single-plan and get unlimited password syncing across multiple devices. This gives them access to email support, security alerts, secure storage, and security audit. All of this is accessible both online and offline and users can store their item history for up to one year. This functionality also allows users to restore deleted passwords and data whenever they need to.

This makes it unique among password management solutions. It adds a web form filling / automatic password generation tool. All of your information – not just passwords – is kept secure using the best encryption. Your credit card details, address, phone number, etc… are all kept secure. Advanced encryption technology (AES – 256 encryption), protects sensitive information 24/7.

What about Mac Users?

Mac users can benefit from Password Managers as well. When it comes to Apple laptops and Desktops, there are stand-alone licenses for the top password managers. For Windows users, Password Manager browser extensions are available for Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Opera, and Firefox. On mobile devices, users need at least iOS 9 or later or at least Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.

Installing a Password Manager is a simple process. In addition to a master password, you’ll receive a 34-character unique key that you can use during setup. For the master password, users are encouraged to pick a set of words or long-phrase instead of a traditional password.

Another feature that makes this software unique is Travel Mode. No matter where you are or which Wi-Fi network you’re connected to, no sensitive data will be present in the event that your device or laptop is compromised.

With a 30-day free trial, 1GB of document storage (or 5GB for business accounts), and friendly, reliable 24/7 email support, you really can’t go wrong with One Password Manager.

If you are in need of password management assistance, then this program is for you. Whether you’re a Windows user, Android user, or Mac user, you can use One Password Manager discounts to get a good deal on the best tool available.

Password managers are very handy. It is a wonder that more people don’t use them. Once you try a password manager, you’ll definitely be hooked. This is because it simplifies the annoying work of remembering a different password for every site you visit. All you have to do now is remember the Master Key, which is one password to access the password management software. The rest is handled and managed by the software. That is one of the best and most efficient ways of securing your important and confidential documents on your computer.

But is that the only reason to use a Password Manager? Below we have highlighted 7 great and simple reasons why you should begin using a PASSWORD MANAGER right away:

1. Security through Encryption

The password management software uses a strong encryption algorithm to secure your files and data. This includes such algorithms as DES (Data Encryption Standard), Blowfish, AES (Advanced Encryption Standard), Rijndael, and the like. These are the strongest in the industry.

Since the Master Password is also encrypted, it makes it near impossible for hackers to break. The same goes for your private data: it is rendered useless even if a hacker gets ahold of it. The text will simply appear as gibberish to the hacker unless they gain access to your master key.

2. Very user-friendly

Gone will be the days when you have to remember the username and password to every site that you log in to. Because of this, many people have resorted to either writing down their passwords somewhere or saving them on a spreadsheet somewhere on their computer. This is another great security hazard because hackers typically look for spreadsheets on your computer when they gain access.

With the Password Manager software, all you need is ONE key to gain entry into the software. Afterward, the software does the rest. It not only encrypts your master password, it does the same with all your confidential data thus rendering it useless to anyone who does not have the master key.

All this is done with the click of the mouse thus saving you time and effort. You no longer have to hunt down your unique usernames and passwords to every site you visit as this can be a security risk.

It goes even further: it keeps track of all your website URLs, their usernames, and passwords including any other pertinent information, and stores it in an encrypted format for later retrieval. So no need to remember every website address, username, and password for your email, banking, medical, legal, and other important sites you visit.

Ease of use

When a visitor first accesses the software, they just select the entry from the toolbar, enter the Master Key, and the password management software automatically logs them in. Now every site you visit is logged and saved and there is no need to remember every single sign-in credentials.

The entire process is automated for maximum efficiency. Many come with a “drag and drop” action that streamlines the sign-in and out process.

3. Highly Mobile

What if you leave the computer you are using and want to access your important sites from another? The user names and passwords that you save into your password manager should be “portable”, meaning you should be able to export the list from one computer and import it from another computer. Life is fast and people move all the time. New password managers understand this and come with a portability feature.

4. Compatible with Multiple Browsers

It’s important to ensure that the password manager you’re installing is compatible with your favorite browser. Not all password managers are compatible with the browser that you are using. Most password managers are compatible with Internet Explorer. If you are using Firefox or Opera browser, make sure that your password manager is compatible with it.

Built-in Password Creator function

Most hackers will try to “guess” your password in order to break into your network. They do this using electronic dictionary tools that randomly scramble numbers. In order to make it impossible for them to guess your password, you need a password creator tool that generates very hard-to-crack passwords. Many password managers come with this tool.

Password Modification Feature

Sometimes, the sites you frequently visit will change their passwords. When that happens, your password manager will not be able to access it. A good password management software should be able to allow you to refresh your login settings so that the latest changes are saved to your password manager.

Autocomplete Form

Whether you’re filling out an application for a loan, employment, life insurance, or you want to join your local gym, online forms have become an integral part of the way we conduct business online. A good password manager will take this into account: it comes with an autocomplete form filler that allowed you to fill out more forms easily and quickly.

Entering pertinent information like your name, address, phone number, email address, and credit card numbers are done automatically using the autocomplete form filler feature.

The top password managers include IPassword, dashlane, Keeper, Remembear, and NordPass.

Most come with a free 30-day trial version.


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