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Website templates or themes have taken the world of web development by storm. Templates are now the de facto way the majority of people build websites. Why waste time and energy developing a site from scratch? It’s like reinventing the wheel. No need at all. Simply visit a well know template sites like iThemes, or Themeforest, type in your keyword, and you’re greeted with a beautiful portfolio of themes and templates.

Why use website templates

Time savings

We all agree that time is money. One of the most frustrating ordeals for many entrepreneurs or others trying to launch any digital venture is having to wait for their website to be completed. In the previous decade, it was not uncommon for websites to take 6 months to build. Today, it can take mere hours to deploy a professional website with all the bells and whistles thanks to the power of website templates.

Money savings

It costs less to build a  fully-functional professional website thanks to website templates. That’s because rather than weeks or even months,  it can now take a mere few hours to build a professional website. It also means paying less in programming hours.

No coding skills needed

With modern website templates, anyone can now build a good website. Platforms such as WordPress allow websites to be built by anyone regardless of coding skills.


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