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  • The G Data Software performs an amazing job in blocking the malicious URL blocking test. It is effective in preventing about 99 percent of the downloads of malware. In each case, it prevents access to the different malware-hosting URLs.
  • G data software makes use of the prerequisite combination of cloud blacklist and real-time analysis which is beneficial to the end-users in avoiding the entry of fraudulent websites, phishing websites that might aim to steal your login credentials. You will be amazed to find that it can detect about 90 percent of the verified frauds. Thus, you can ensure the safety of your sensitive information by choosing this product.
  • Users also love to invest in this product as installing and downloading it is a breeze. This program is inclusive of a bunch of features. However, they are found to be present within the advanced menus. You need to reinstall the program to upgrade to Internet Security from Antivirus. Though both the programs are found to share the common user interface, getting the grips for the extra features is not going to be a challenge.
  • The G Data antivirus software brings to you the online help center in the form of the Q&A page. It refers to a ticket system to get personal assistance via the international telephone number and expect.
  • Few users reported that the backup system of this model is too complicated.
  • According to some users, this software does not provide the best performance in the phishing protection test.
  • The Ransomware protection of this software is known to be partially effective.

G Data software includes a lot of bells and whistles and is appreciated on a wide scale due to the presence of firewalls, antivirus, spam filtering, parental controls. This entry-level antivirus software offers protection from anti-ransomware, exploits, spam filters, URL filtering.

The software offers a lot of benefits. These include protection during online shopping, banking, and similar financial transactions. Multiple technologies are being used in this regard for ensuring safety. This antivirus technology was originally developed for protecting the corporate data within the centralized environment along with security measures for the notebooks, workstations, servers, and Android devices.

G Data Software

Features of G Data software

G Data software comes with a bunch of extras that make it a suitable option for seeking protection from different online threats.

Here are some of the crucial features of G Data software which helps it in earning a huge reputation among the potential audience:

  1. The interface of G Data Antivirus offers a variety of options and information. The opening screen showcases the status of the 7 different protection layers. You can also find the license details, updated information, and system messages here.
  2. Such status reports are seen to function as the menus. The clicking Web protection showcases the menu. Apart from this, you will get different options for adding the exceptions, disabling the URL filtering, and opening the Settings dialogue for additional tweaks.The clicking status lines are suitable for Spam Protection, Real-time protection whereas the other layers provide faster access to the common settings. It makes the best use of the screen space and helps you in finding what you require without facing too many challenges.
  3. This G-data software is inclusive of the Virus Protection tab which gives more links for running different kinds of scans, such as removable drives, checking the specific folders or files, quick scan for the rootkits, and removable drives.
  4. The scans are known to be accurate and a bit faster than regular. It detects every sample without any fail.
  5. The parental control tool is another exclusive feature of this tool. It performs an amazing job to prevent access to specific categories of different websites and manually defined URLs. It also provides a choice for you to set certain content restrictions on the current computer. While it counts to be a useful feature, it does not provide the privilege to the end-user to manage different computers from one spot.
  6. The auto start manager is considered to be another integral feature that enables the end-user to take extra control over the program’s boot. The key logger protection tool is another effective program.
  7. The firewall tool gives comprehensive control over various outbound and inbound firewall settings. The BankGuard utility offers extra in-browser protection as you try to get access to online banking sites.
  8. The Device Control provides opportunities to the end-users to manage how the end-users of the computer can get access to the connected drives.
  9. The main window feature of this product includes the bold G data color scheme along with the red banner which holds the row of the icons at the top.

G-data software


The pricing depends on the total number of devices in which you intend to install. It also depends on the desired protection period. The total number of licensed devices five. The single device plan is found to be budget-friendly owing to which it is chosen by a wide assortment of users on a wide scale.

Users can choose any number of licenses, catering to their needs, ranging from $39.95 to 10 for $111.95. This antivirus software is known to be more cost-effective, in comparison to the competitors, owing to which people love to opt for it over the traditional security software available in the market.

G Data Software has scored excellent marks in several tests. Along with the basic antivirus, it is inclusive of the spam filter and few components which are meant to fight the ransomware and different malware types. If you want to invest in a Data software security of high excellence to protect the valuable information on your computer, you can choose this product.

With the presence of a spam filter, it can protect against the key loggers, banking Trojans, exploits, and other infections. G Data Software has all the features; you might be looking for along with relatively fair pricing. Though you might find it to be slow at times, the presence of a bunch of wonderful features makes it worth the try.

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  1. Kortney C.

    It is an average product with average performance. Frankly, for the price at which I bought it, I perhaps could have opted for something more robust and better-performing. Yes, it does do the basic task of protecting my software, browser and other programs, but it does slow down my system quite a bit.

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  2. Leanne K

    If you are looking for a reliable, proven, time-tested and value for money antivirus product, you may have reasons to go in for this. I have had no issues with this product ever since I have used it. I am happy that I have switched over from an existing product to this one based on some inputs from my friends. A good decision, it has turned out to be.

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  3. Octavia

    It has been with me for the past few years and I have had no issues. It has been upgraded regularly and therefore it takes care of new threats and new risks that keep cropping online. It can easily be installed and does not take away too much of hardware resource. Unlike some antivirus software packages, it does not result in slowing down of the device.

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  4. Vonnie K.

    I have been using this product for quite some time now and have had no reasons to complain. The user interface is quite good and friendly. Further, it has some features that offers live and round the clock protection against all major types of reviews. The price is also quite impressive and offers value for money.

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  5. Yang P

    It is a quality antivirus product that works well to protect the internet browsers and also the software applications in the systems. It is time-tested and proven and is stable and reliable. It also has a basic firewall feature that is stubborn and it does a great job. Overall, it is a good value for money proposition.

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