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Looking for the ideal web hosting service can be a daunting experience. With the vast range of options available, it is easy to get overwhelmed. Therefore, you need to invest time in researching what different companies offer.

If you are in the market for a hosting service for your business, blog, or school, you are likely to come across HostMonster. This hosting service is one of the oldest ones in the industry, and it has survived the numerous changes and developments that have been made.

The review below takes apart the services offered by this company to help you assess their compatibility with your goals. We have explored its advantages and disadvantages to give a clear picture. We have also analyzed some of its features and discussed how each benefits the user.


What Features Does HostMonster Offer?

If you use HostMonster, you get unlimited domain hosting, storage, a free domain name, and a drag and drop builder. They have different plans, each of which has its own sub-categories. The main ones are basic, plus, choice plus, and pro.

Choosing the right host makes the difference between the success of your site and its failure. Understanding the various elements that offer you the best service is crucial to deciding whether a host is ideal for the need at hand.


Some of the critical features of HostMonster are;

    1. Uptime
      The accessibility of your site whenever a visitor wishes to explore what you have to offer is crucial. Therefore, the faster a host can deal with arising issues the better. With this hosting service, you get reliability.This is because of their continued effort to maintaining data centers that run smoothly. While it would be impossible to guarantee complete uptime, their proactiveness in avoiding servers going down minimizes the risk of experiencing downtime.

  1. Bandwidth
    This refers to the amount of data that can be transferred between your site and the server. The data can be in the form of uploads and downloads or visitor access. One significant advantage that HostMonster gives to its user is unmetered bandwidth.No matter how many people visit your site, they do not monitor it. If your account traffic interferes with other sites, your account might be closed. This feature varies from many similar services that have a number on the limited amount of data your site can use. Usually, the quantity differs within a hosting service based on the plan you have.
  2. Pricing
    HostMonster offers incredible discounts for new users in the first year. These, however, can only be considered perks by those who are looking to start small websites. Before jumping on these discounts, it is advisable to read the fine print on what you are getting.For instance, while the numbers displayed on their promotions are conveniently low, the perks might not last long. You then end up spending more than you expected over an extended period. Also, the deals offered to new members only last in the first payment period. Although the prices are listed monthly, buyers do not have the luxury of paying monthly. Their billing can only be done in terms of years.
  3. User-Friendliness
    Most people who own websites do not necessarily understand the details that go into their functioning. This calls for hosting services that cater to all users despite their competence with technology. HostMonster has a control panel that works to make usage easy.It provides you with access to everything you need. This also means performing different tasks through the graphical interface. HostMonster provides information on their website on how the cPanel is used. This makes your hosting experience better. Some of the specifics include how the integration of the billing and account settings with the panel works.Their interface is designed to improve your experience, especially when starting. Information on extra-products to purchase and company information is easily accessible and makes it easy to setup. This is also made possible by instant installers.
  4. Domain Transfer
    Although you get a free domain upon registration, HostMonster restricts the period of transfer to a different host.
  5. Applications and Add-ons
    The web building tools available make web development easy. The cPanel and the scripts give you great options to model your website. You get to determine whether you want something business oriented or not.Whichever choice you make, you have access to eCommerce features, shopping carts, directories, and SSL servers. It also gives you tools to help with adding and supporting media files.
  6. Customer Support
    So many things could go wrong with websites. There are more and more people accessing information every day, and this build-up of demand is one of the factors that might lead to technical hitches. It is also advisable to have a team ready to deal with problems as they come to reduce the amount of downtime experienced.The delays, inaccessibility, and poor loading speeds cause losses. HostMonster has an easily accessible support team through calls, emails, and live chat. It is crucial to note that their toll-free number is only viable for clients within the United States at certain times of the day.Their customer support is active since the team handling input and complaints is well-informed on the areas of concern. They are also very professional and communicate to clients when their phone lines are not open using an indicator.
  7. Money-Back Guarantee
    While there is no trial period, there is an option for customers to try out the service. It is essential to remember that the shortest billing cycle is 12 months. Therefore, you will pay for the period upfront.If you decide to abandon the hosting service, you can contact the support team to get your cashback. You will, however, be charged for the domain since the promotional free option comes with the hosting package. You cannot transfer the domain for two months.
  8. Security
    The accessible security features for the different packages vary. You will get protection from spam and other elements that affect the functioning of the website.


HostMonster is a good hosting company, especially for beginners. Besides offering a free domain name, HostMonster has a drag and drop builder which makes website development easier. These two properties make it one of the great options for a novice.

Furthermore, it comes with many more features that make it easier to use. If you are starting a website and you are looking for a hosting company to go with, you should try HostMonster. The company will not fail you.

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