9.8/10 (Expert Score)
Product is rated as #2 in category Antivirus Software
  • Intego MAC antivirus software provides users a real-time protection, helping users to scan files while they are accessing them.
  • Intego is designed specially for Mac OS devices and the company has a lot of experience in this field. Intego has built this software entirely for Mac OS devices and also has put their entire efforts into building the perfect security software.
  • This security software is a package of both antivirus and malware which is hardly found in any other security software.
  • Intego security software enables users with an over the top feature like parental control. This feature helps parents to block certain websites that are harmful to children.
  • Pricing is very flexible when it comes to this MAC antivirus software. Intego provides a host of plans that can be used in as many Mac OS devices that customers are looking forward to.
  • There are too many features that make this security software stand apart from all others in the market. All these features can only be accessed by pro members which are a big fall out for the security software company.
  • This security software is not that effective when it comes to windows malware.

There is a great deal of interest in MAC antivirus software. By far we all know that Apple computers and laptops are some of the most secure devices one can find in the market today. Mac OS is a high end operating system backed up by various security levels keeping your computers, tablets, and laptops safe.

While many feel that the Mac OS is a perfect operating system platform, it lacks some security features. There is much malware that goes undetected harming MAC OS devices.

Intego is one of the most popular Mac OS security software platforms having some really interesting features to go for. Founded in the year 1997 this software company has now become one of the most prominent security software brands.

Features of Intego MAC antivirus software

Intego is a market leader having a wide experience in MAC antivirus software. It provides antivirus security solutions that are unmatched. The company provides a host of security services like antivirus, firewall, anti-spam, data protection software and backup software. These services make Intego an all in one security software. This security software has some of the top features making it stand apart from all other antivirus software.

Net barrier is one of the best features which allow users to protect their Mac OS devices while connected to different wifi networks. This protects the devices connected in the home network, work network, or any public wifi networks.

Content Barrier is a very good parental control feature in Intego that allows parents to keep a watch on what their children are looking for on the internet. This feature allows parents to block some specific websites which may prove harmful for kids.

Washing Machine is one such great feature that packs in unique software enabling the device to optimize quickly. These same features in Mac OS devices are called Mac System Optimizer. This feature in Intego software is much more redefined for users’ comfort.

Personal backup feature enables a host of services for the users helping to back up their devices quickly and efficiently. Personal backup is designed in such a way that it helps to backup all important data and files very similar to Apples Time Machine. Intego software has three customizable options known as the bootable backup, synchronize, and restore.

Intego software has various packages that are designed to suit the needs of every user. Users can select starting right from one device and go right up to five devices. All prices are very nominal and can be easily changed when required to.

Intego setup process is quite simple, taking not more than three minutes. Any package users choose can be uploaded very easily in no time.

User Experience:

Intego is much-redefined security software that is quite easy to use. This Mac OS security software requires just three to five minutes to start with. Payment is done quite easily and the platform is very safe. There is excellent customer support provided by Intego if any user experiences any problems during the setup phase.

Also, later customers can engage with customer support through email, live chat, or phone call. Intego also provides customers with a 30 days money-back guarantee. This enables customers to return the software if they do not feel it useful within the first 30 days.

Overall the user experience using the software is very smooth. The navigation is very smooth and the dashboard has all the essential tools that can be easily accessed. Many features that are similar to the Mac OS perform much better if done using the Intego software. This software has all the essential tools to keep your Mac OS devices safe from any malware and other security flaws.


Intego MAC antivirus software has a wide variety of packages that will suit the requirements of every user. Customers can select between one or five devices as per their needs. There are many bundle packages that customers can choose from. Plans are planned for a period of one or two years. Some of the top packages are Mac Premium Bundle X9, Mac Internet Security X9, and Mac Counter Barrier X9. These packages can be selected and clubbed with as many as five Mac OS devices.


Intego is a security software company that any user can trust 100% to protect those Mac OS devices. The optimization feature in Intego security software is unmatched by any other software company. Intego is one such antivirus software that has many features much more capable than the original Mac OS software.

One very interesting and innovative feature like scheduled scans is a very good reason that makes Intego a market leader. To conclude Intego is a security software company that has entirely focused on the development of Mac OS devices antivirus software. This experience has led them to build unique software that will remain an all-time favorite choice of many consumers all around the globe.

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