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9.9/10 (Expert Score)
Product is rated as #1 in category Password Managers
  • All browsers and well-known platforms are supported.
  • Secure and safe sharing of password
  • Safe file storage provided which is optional
  • Full files and passwords history are retained for a checkup
  • Fills app passwords and web forms with support of 2-factor authentication
  • Limited filling of a web form
  • No updates on passwords that are fully automated.
  • Doesn't prompt for saving a password for each empty field

Keeper is one of the most trusted password management software in the market. It is a digital vault and a password keeper. In the world of password management, it boasts very impressive features.

It also minimizes the effort of creating strong passwords and to access them by auto-filling feature. Its digital vault and manager makes it easy to have password accessibility with protection to different and regular websites with ease.

Use of Keeper- Password Managers

The software generates and fills and stores strong passwords. This is done automatically on the devices where it is downloaded and authenticated. It also protects and stores your private documents safely and securely through encryption. It shields your videos and photos in the digital vault.

This will protect your password from getting hacked. The software stores and generates a strong password which makes auto-filling into your websites a very quick task. It permits sharing and retaining history to view the dates.

Its emergency access allows you to share your account accessibility with 5 other individuals whom you can trust during an emergency. It has a user interface with added functionality. Biometric login is also provided for security.


Available Packages and Pricing

You can make use of the Keeper without any cost. But this limits the use of the Keeper to only one device. However, the features are not compromised in free use. You can have all your passwords in the free account in that one particular device.

It is recommended to get a free account to understand its features and use. Later you can upgrade to access more features with a paid version post 30-day trial period. For one year, the personal subscription is 29.99 dollars. There are other choices and services for different subscriptions.

Keeper-Amazing password management software

The Packages and Pricing available are:

  • KeeperChat -$19.99 for one year
  • Keeper’s plan for a family is $59.99 for one year
  • The family bundle is $119.98 for one year
  • Keeper’s max bundle-$59.99 for one year

Max bundle plan includes KeeperChat, Keeper password manager, and Breachwatch security. Breach water keeps a check on the password leak. Along with these 3 features, 10 GB file storage is also provided. The family plan gives 5 user- licenses with 10 GB file storage.

An individual plan of keeper password manager includes:

  • Password generator
  • Password storage-unlimited
  • All-platform sync
  • Back up of records and credential in cloud storage
  • Sharing of records
  • Auto-fill of applications and websites

Add file storage for an additional $9.99 for one year, “Breach Watch” for 20 dollars for one year and Keeper Chat for 20 dollars for a year as per your need.


  1. Each user is given a private secure vault that is protected by multiple encryption levels and zero-knowledge architectural security. A master password seals each vault that is known only to the user.
  2. Keeper creates strong and a unique password that is limited to the danger of hacking.
  3. The Autofill and KeeperFill feature auto-populates automatically and save passwords in the vault.
  4. Security Audit keeper’s feature detects the account that needs an update of a password. It generates a unique secure password quickly.
  5. Military-grade secured encryption shields the confidential files like videos, files, and photos. It also organizes them in folders in your vault.
  6. Share files and passwords with a trusting keeper user. Encryption of information is provided with a public key to the recipient and with private key decryption.
  7. Switching to multiple accounts is easy.
  8. Multiple encryption layers for data storage in keeper keeps your password and data 100 percent secure and encrypted.
  9. PBKDF2 technology, AES-256-bit encryption, and 2-step verification

Getting started

The software has an extensive on-boarding guiding module that takes you through setup step by step. To begin, it asks you to import browser stored passwords to the password manager. You can choose to import passwords from other password keepers as well. Create your record by setting up an extension to your default browser.

It recommends on the 2-step authentication for web form filling. It guides to add in personal information and payment card. A self-defined security question is set up to retrieve a forgotten password. This is the master password.

The software also comes with a password capture feature when logging into secure websites. This can be done by accepting the prompt to save the password. The software also locks to allow you to enter through keeper directly. Auto-fill prompt pops up by the Keeper for the saved login data and to other fields.

A vault set up brings up the user interface on the browser. This gives access to many settings. A password generator generates a unique and strong password whenever a new record is created. If you wish to keep an old one, you can overwrite the generated password.

Using the Security Audit of Keeper aids will help to detect reused and weak passwords as well as recommending strength to your password. This will avoid breaching of the password. It’s 2-factor authorization to master password shield all your passwords. So, create a strong master password to login along with another authentication like a physical token or your fingerprint.

Using a secure sharing option, you can share your password record with a trusted person. Enter the mail of the recipient to share a keeper record. The recipient should also have an account or sign up for a new one. A notification is received by the recipient. A password has to be set for sharing, editing, and making the recipient a record owner.

Overall, the software comes with a handy user-guide to assist you through the process.

Final verdict

The keeper password manager has strong security and is operable on all popular browsers and platforms. It is the best cloud-based and secure password manager. By keeping the required updates consistent, the overall interface and features of Keeper stand at the top in the competition. The user’s data and passwords are totally secure. The price is worth the purchase.

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