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9.6/10 (Expert Score)
Product is rated as #4 in category Password Managers
  • Available free of cost for a lifetime for limited features
  • Easy to use and user-friendly interface
  • Encrypted authentication makes data more secure
  • Can be accessed on offline mode
  • Great and fast customer service
  • Limited features are available in free membership.
  • No procedure to share items to different Norpass accounts.
  • No procedure for routine checking of password to check whether they are weak or strong.

From the purchase of household groceries to million dollars transaction, online modes are used worldwide. These important data must be secured from unauthorized online attacks. To prevent your private data especially passwords from these attackers, Nordpass password managers provide you the protection to your passwords and all the important online data. Here we will give you an unbiased overview for this security covering all the pros and cons.


About Nordpass

Nordpass is a password security management plan launched by NordVPN in November 2019. The company is aimed to provide world-class password security to its users. Other essential features of this system are discussed further.

Available packages and pricing

Nordpass provides you their services through two kinds of memberships. The first one is free with limited features and the second one is premium membership with enhanced features. Both the memberships also differ from their validity of services.

Free membership

In this plan, you will get some of the basic features without any charges for a lifetime. You can simply enjoy features like;

  • Protection to unlimited passwords
  • Keep credit cards and notes
  • Synchronization to all your devices

The company follows the policy of ‘free means free’ in this membership. That means the credit card is not required. You have to simply download the Nordpass password manager from their website and then you can enjoy the provided features.

Premium membership

Along with the features provided in the free membership, the paid membership is available with some extra features like:

  • Maximum 6 devices active at a time
  • Secure sharing of an item
  • Trusted contacts

Sometimes your data is more important than spending a little amount of money on it. Nordpass provides you more options in their paid packages to make your data more secure. The premium membership is available in different plans based on the duration of validity. Starting from the range of US $2.49 per month, the company is providing some early plans from up to the US $59.76 for every 2 years all with 30- day payback guarantee.

Nordpass password security and management


With the above-mentioned charges, Nordpass provides features according to the plan selected by the user. The confirm description of what features you will get in your plan will be available to you by your provider. Here is the overall description of the specific features that are available in Nordpass.

Password Management System

Norpass allows you a number of features to secure your important passwords at a single place. Along with password security, it allows you to organize your private data with security. The features include:

  • Biometric authentication to access your data with registered fingerprints, face id, and voice.
  • Arrange data in folders to manage your private data according to your utility.
  • OCR screening technology to directly scan and save your private data.
  • Password protected vaults to separately save your valuable and important online data.
  • Add trusted contacts to provide security to your data when sharing passwords with trusted ones.
  • Offline access to your data and password.
  • Ensure the strength of the password for more security.
  • Take out your password and data with you as CSV files when you leave Nordpass.

By the above-mentioned features, Nordpass ensures the total security of your data at every stage. It will provide you the ease of use and security to your data at the same time.

1. Autosave and Autofill Passwords

Nordpass is available with the feature of auto-fill and autosave of your credentials. This feature seems very useful while working on a new website. You have to fill your credentials just once and your details got saved in Nordpass for your next visit to the same website. Saves your time and effort of entering details repeatedly. You have to just simply restore the details on the required place and you can go on with your work without wasting your time in entering passwords again and again.

2. Built-in Password Generator

This feature enhances the security of your private data from hackers by providing you stronger passwords. The stronger the password the lesser the chance of hacking. It provides you the typical combination of words, symbols, and numbers to create more complicated passwords.

3. Security to Sensitive Data

From the security point of view, Nordpass is equipped with several encryptions on different stages. One of the latest encryption algorithms is xchacha20 which ensures complete security of your data with zero-knowledge architecture. That means Norpass doesn’t have any knowledge of your encrypted data. It also provides you with master password security which is the main password for all the encryptions.

4. Back and synchronization

Along with the encryption of your private data, Norpass time to time sync your data to keep your device up to date and save it as a backup in the cloud, so that if you delete your data or change your device you can securely restore your data. The data saved in the cloud is also encrypted means it is totally secure with Nordpass online protection.

5. Encrypted vault

Sometimes you have to save your passwords with your trusted ones. Nordpass provides encrypted vault feature by which you can share all your login credentials to different websites with your trusted ones. It saves your details from online threats and attackers.

Nordpass is a simple user-friendly and reasonable security plan for all your online security requirements. Its free membership feature is a lifetime assistance for you. Still, it is highly recommended that before making any conclusion about the features and services provided by the company, you should go through the official online platforms of the company or their 27/7 customer assistance.

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