PetFirst Healthcare

PetFirst Healthcare

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9.7/10 (Expert Score)
Product is rated as #1 in category Pet Insurance
  • A wide variety of plans to choose from
  • Affordable monthly premiums
  • Covers routine check-ups, vaccinations, and more
  • No lifetime limits
  • No waiting periods
  • Does not cover pre-existing conditions
  • Not available in all states
  • Some plans have high deductibles
  • Limited coverage for exotic pets
  • No accident or illness coverage for pets over 14 years old

A Review of PetFirst Healthcare: Why You Should Consider It For Your Pet

Anyone who has ever had a pet knows how difficult it can be to find pet health insurance that meets your needs. If you have an older pet, there’s no way you can afford the thousands of dollars it can cost to treat serious injuries or illnesses, and if you have an active, young pet, you may not be able to find affordable coverage that provides adequate protection from his mischief. PetFirst Healthcare offers both of these features and more—why you should consider this particular health plan for your dog or cat.

What Is PetFirst?

Pet insurance, sometimes called pet health insurance, is a great way to protect your pet and keep him healthy in case something happens that leads to costly veterinary bills. PetFirst offers comprehensive healthcare plans for dogs and cats alike. They also offer dental coverage and a variety of other options to keep your pets healthy. If you’re looking for an affordable way to keep your pet from getting sick or needing major medical care, you might want to consider PetFirst.

How Does It Work?

Pet insurance differs from typical health insurance in that it covers various pet-related services and products, rather than human ones. With PetFirst, for example, you can expect coverage for spaying and neutering as well as vaccinations. They even cover treatments for common illnesses like kennel cough. And because pets are living things, their plans do not have an age cap—meaning older pets can still get covered and take advantage of what PetFirst has to offer. No matter what you need to be done or bought, a policy from PetFirst is a good idea to have on hand—you never know when your pet may need something done or when an unexpected accident may occur.

Reviews from Satisfied Customers

One review from a customer stated, Pet insurance is just like any other insurance you can get for your pet. Yes, it does cost some money but in my opinion, it is well worth every penny. If I hadn’t had PetFirst Insurance when Bailey (my dog) was diagnosed with lymphoma, I would have racked up many hundreds of dollars in vet bills. Thankfully with PetFirst Insurance, I only had to pay a small deductible and then they covered everything after that… Even though they do not cover wellness checks or vaccines, I still highly recommend them because they will help in cases such as if your pet gets sick or has an accident.

The Services They Offer

Pets are valuable members of your family, but they also have special healthcare needs. That’s why you should be sure that they are covered under your healthcare plan. At PETFIRST, we offer several different pet insurance plans to cover both routine and critical care services, such as: visits with a veterinarian and standard lab work, surgical procedures and x-rays, prescription medications, and more. Also, for added peace of mind, all PETFIRST policies come with a Lifetime Guarantee of Accidental Death & Dismemberment. While pets may not need medical treatment as often as humans do; when they do get sick or injured it can be costly.

Pricing & Discounts

Pricing for plans and services can vary depending on several factors, including your pet’s weight, age, species, and breed. To find out if your pet is eligible for coverage, talk to a representative about which tier plan best fits their needs. Generally speaking, all pets are eligible for Tier 1 plans with an annual deductible that ranges from $100 to $150. Though generally more expensive than Tier 1 plans, Tier 2 and 3 plans offer better coverage. Many pets receive discounts based on good health records or because they have their rabies vaccination. Discounts are usually around 10%, but you could save up to 20% off covered expenses (like hospitalization or surgery).


Pets are a lot like people – there’s a lot that goes into their health care and keeping them healthy. That’s why it’s important to consider all your options when it comes to picking an insurance provider for your furry friend. At PetFirst, we offer comprehensive pet insurance solutions, low rates, and great customer service. Stop by our site to find out more today!

PetFirst Healthcare
PetFirst Healthcare
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