9.7/10 (Expert Score)
Product is rated as #3 in category Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)
  • Pre-configuration for P2P, streaming, and privacy
  • Different types of protocols & own DNS
  • Enhanced security with leak protection and kill switch
  • Easy navigation & flexible payments
  • 24/7 customer support
  • A free trial is not available
  • Limited money-back-warranty offer
  • Expensive monthly plans

PureVPN is a reliable and popular VPN that has received appreciation all over the world for developed features and enhanced security. The company headquarters is located in Hong Kong and that location is famous for not being affected by the information retention laws. It provides more than 2,000 servers that make it a perfect choice for streaming Netflix and torrenting.

Ths VPN service is compatible with all the leading platforms that include Android, Mac, Windows, and Linux. There is powerful encryption, split tunneling, and a Kill Switch to protect around ten devices at a time by using only one account. More importantly, you are not going to spend much on your account.

Would you like to know about pricing, security, and compatibility? If the answer is yes, then keep reading. It will answer all your questions and will enable you to make a smart decision.

 What Is PureVPN?

PureVPN is a VPN service that came into existence in 2007. This VPN is known for operating global servers instead of relying on third-party servers. They have their own network and tons of protocols with strict security and privacy policies. It can be a great option especially when you are privacy-conscious and want enhanced security. It is compatible with almost all the platforms and it can be used by all. PureVPN has gathered the desired popularity and success with more than a decade of experience in the field. Currently, it is used by roughly 180 countries.

The service has introduced a new feature, virtual router, for your Windows devices. This feature will enable users to connect up to ten different devices. However, other VPN services will offer only limited quantities of connections. Most will not allow connecting more than two devices. PureVPN has a split-tunneling feature that will offer freedom to choose where and how users prefer to send traffic. You can split the data depending on the demand. The Kill Switch makes it safer as it offers more privacy with better security. The personal data of users will not be revealed to third parties.


As stated above, PureVPN offers affordable plans to make it a possible solution for all. The pricing tiers of the PureVPN will depend on the duration of the subscription. For example, if you consider this service for one month, you are going to spend more. However, if you choose a long duration plan such as an annual subscription, you will have to spend less per month on average.

A money-back warranty option is also available. It will be for 31 days with an annual subscription and for only 7 days with a monthly subscription. If you want to utilize this option, make sure that you cancel your subscription within the given time. PureVPN is extremely strict about refunding and policies. So, if you want to play it safe without losing your money, you can go with a 3-day trial. For this, you will have to spend only $2.50.

PureVPN is known for its flexible payment options. This VPN service accepts AliPay, credit/debit card, CashU, and PayPal. You can also make anonymous payments by using cryptocurrencies and gift cards. However, the refund option will not be available for anonymous payments.


PureVPN will support both traditional and new platforms that include Windows, Linux, Mac, and Blackberry. Users can install it on iOS, Android, routers, TVs, Xbox, PlayStation, Roku, and more than twenty operating systems. The Windows desktop users can have an exceptional experience with five modes. These modes are internet freedom, stream, file sharing, Dedicated IP, security, and privacy. PureVPN offers easy navigation as well. Users can easily navigate the interface without technical skills. Here are the details of the key features of PureVPN.

Leak Protection

PureVPN offers WebRTC protection. This technology will help with peer-to-peer communication. Communication will be facilitated between devices and browsers. However, when there is only WebRTC, communication can be exploited. With the leak protection feature, PureVPN will make the communication safe. It will not be leaked or exposed.

Kill Switch

Kill Switch is designed to offer additional security that will prevent any accidental exposure. This feature will disable the internet connection once the VPN disconnects. By doing so, the service will protect the IP address and other websites cannot intrude on your data and privacy.

Advanced Encryption Standards

PureVPN has an advanced Enterprise-grade 256-bit AES feature. This feature will prevent hackers to crack advanced encryption. The hackers will need around 13.8 billion years and even more to access your data. The complexity in the AES makes the communication secure.

Split Tunneling

This feature will enable users to split the traffic into two different tunnels. Some traffic can pass VPN servers and others via the IPS server. This can be helpful especially when users are not interested in accessing some websites using a secure connection.

VPN Protocols

With VPN, users can expect many safe protocols. These protocols are awesome depending on the specific requirements. You can choose a protocol that fits your unique needs. You can choose any of the following protocols from this VPN service.

  • PPTP
  • SSTP
  • IKEv2
  • L2TP
  • OpenVPN

Privacy & Security

The PureVPN is registered and located in Hong Kong. This VPN service is the property of the GZSL. PureVPN has a clear ToS and privacy policy. The service records the connection time and the total consumed bandwidth of users. They also record your data that includes email, name, and payment details. However, it claims that your details will not be exposed to third parties.

Bottom Line

From what we have mentioned above, it is evident that PureVPN can be an ideal option for those who are looking for better privacy and advanced security features. It comes with different protocols, plenty of servers, and fast speed. You will find plans affordable if you consider an annual subscription. Even if the money-back offer is available for a limited period, users will have enough time to utilize that offer. Keep in mind, there is a 3-day trial to enable you to decide! So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and give PureVPN a try today.

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