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Product is rated as #1 in category Antivirus Software
  • Repairs Windows errors
  • Replaces missing or corrupted files
  • Scans for hardware issues
  • Removes malware and spyware
  • The scanning process doesn't need a license
  • Requires a license for fixing issues
  • Can't fix all the hardware related problems
  • Support may respond lately because of an extensive number of active users

Reimage is one of the best pc repair software in the market. On rare occasion, a computer may become infected with a malware or virus that hampers the operating system in a way that removing the infection won’t work simply. As such, the compute might run sluggishly, freeze, and crash. Often it is seen that a fresh installation of the Windows OS is required in these cases.

But, with Reimage, this won’t be the case. Reimage has the ability to repair your operating system and makes it run perfectly again. It is a great feature-enriched tool intended to improve the speed and performance of your computer. So, let’s find out more about this wonderful pc repair software tool in a detailed review below.

Reimage-PC repair software

Reimage PC repair software features

When it comes to pc repair, Reimage is a tool that primarily focuses on Windows OS and improves the overall performance of your computer system. The software provides a free system scan to find stability or security issues within a few minutes. Once the software runs to diagnose the operating system, it automatically scans the computer.

The tool brings out relevant issues or faults left behind the malware and viruses. You get to see the comprehensive scan results and which part of the system is causing hindrance. Here are the features of the Reimage repair tool.

Hardware and System Configuration – The tool scans your computer and displays the hard drive status and system configuration. Details like the total space, the available space, the usable space on your hard drive are displayed. The hardware analysis summary evaluates the hard drive speed, speed of the processor, and temperature of the microprocessor.

There can be issues that may cause your computer system to respond slowly, or sometimes the entire system may freeze. This pc repair software analyzes these areas, and if anything problematic is found, it notifies you right away.

PC Stability – This repair tool scans your entire computer system for any issues relating to stability. Reimage utilizes the built-in Windows Event Log to identify which applications have crashed recently. This way, the software can find out exactly which programs are causing stability issues in your computer system.

Such crashed applications are categorized into two different sections. One is � Built-in Windows Applications’ and another one is � Third-Party Applications’. The descriptive details are displayed under each section as an analysis report. The software can even inspect the crash reports gathered for the last 4 months.

PC Security – Now that’s the most important section that needs to be examined thoroughly for problems. The Reimage repair tools use the Avira AntiVir engine to perform an extensive scan of your computer system. Once done, it lists out the various malicious files that are causing problems in your operating system.

Registry Scan – The software scans the registry entries to find out any type of incomplete registry keys, invalid data, or defective entries. Reimage Repair Tool displays categorized and detailed results that let you know about the exact number of errors found in the shared DLLs, Startup, Help Files, and Installer Reference. With the help of Registry Scan, your computer system can have a safe and properly organized registry.

Temporary Folder Scan – Reimage Repair Tool scans for junk files along with temporary files that are no longer in use. Basically, these are the files that were used by the system for a short period of time. But, they don’t get deleted and sometimes cause trouble. The tool scans and lists them for further action. The software inspects the disk size that is being occupied by these temporary files, as well.

Once all the scanning is done, a PC Scan Summary is generated. This gives you an idea of the number of problems found in security, registry, stability, and junk files, along with the severity level that ranges from bad to good.

After you have seen the scan results, now is the time to fix those issues. All you have to do is hit the � Start Repair’ option at the bottom, and you get the job done. Reimage fixes all the issues in the scans. It performs another in-depth scan to take out more issues if any.

User experience:

Reimage Repair Tool for your PC provides extreme flexibility for any users who were using the software for the first time. To begin with, you need to download the setup files for the software from the developer’s official website. Once downloaded, complete the installation by following simple and easy steps.

This software program completely analyses your PC for issues that are causing it to perform slowly. After finishing the analysis, the infection is removed and replaced by the important system files that were damaged by the malware or virus. The program uses an extensive database to remove those affected files.

The software interface is pretty easy to handle and operate. Fixing the issues in your computer is as easy as clicking the button and allowing the program to do all the intensive work. However, the only problem you may encounter is that the software may take some time to fix the issues because it depends on your internet connectivity and computer speed.

The company has made available a 24-hour helpline for users who need any kind of technical assistance while working with the software on their computers. This type of service is intended for users who like to see the 24-hour number as trustworthy points.


Although this PC repair software scans your computer for any potential threats, to repair or fix your system, you need to pay and unlock the software. Reimage Repair tool license key for Windows OS may cost around $69.95 a year. But, you can avail offers and get a license for $39.95 per year. You can apply for a refund within 60 days of purchase if you aren’t satisfied with the product.


To wrap up, Reimage pc repair software is the perfect solution to deal with your computer optimization issues. You can perform easy cleanup after virus wrongdoings, restore those files, and make your computer work again normally. The user interface is intuitive and doesn’t include complex configurative steps.

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