9.2/10 (Expert Score)
Product is rated as #6 in category Antivirus Software
  • Easy to use setup and interface
  • Protection for all the devices
  • Different plan to meet your unique needs
  • Supported by 30-day money-back warranty
  • Some users are not satisfied with the customer care
  • No free version
  • Does not offer frequent updates

Looking for more information on antivirus software? Try VIPRE. In this video, we’ll We will certainly answer all your queries and help you to decide with an informed mind. As you know, VIPRE is designed to offer security solutions. The unique quality of this antivirus software is that it takes many things into account to ensure the utmost security. In addition to anti-malware protection, you can expect MDM or mobile device management.

That means it will protect all your devices that include tablets, laptops, computers, and your smartphone. VIPRE can be the perfect solution for all those business owners who want to get complete online security. You can get real-time protection and email protection as well. Let’s know more about features, user experience, benefits, and even negative sides.

 Features of VIPRE

The key objective of VIPRE is to offer the best protection to all types of businesses. As stated earlier, it will not only protect your PC or Mac Desktop, you can get the much-needed protection for your smartphones and tablets. This is why VIPRE is highly appreciated by users. This software will enable you to manage any threats on your laptops, desktops, and its MDM feature will manage your iOS and Android devices. It has the following features to offer real-time protection to your devices. Have a look to know why this software is considered a must by experts.

Vipre antivirus software

  1. Personal Information Protection: VIPRE will ensure the utmost security by scanning for any unauthorized use. It will scan your PC to find out any attack. This feature will protect your online activities from any possible threat. Your email address, physical address, bank details, and phone numbers will be protected to prevent hackers to access them.
  2. Threat Detection: Once you use this software, your devices will be scanned for viruses. It will use a detection mechanism to detect all the probable threats. Also, it will give specific attention to personal and sensitive documents such as your medical bills and bank details. You will get an alert when something malicious is found so that you can prevent any threat to happen.
  3. Browser History: VIPRE can be effective to manage your browser history as well It will do proper scanning of all your online activities to ensure that your sensitive and personal information will not be accessed by any. You can control your browsing history and can even remove them to prevent phishing scams and theft profiling.
  4. Webcam Blocker: Another notable feature is that it denies all the external access efforts automatically. None will be able to access your microphone and webcam. Your personal information will be safe. If any unauthorized attempt will be done, you will get an alert. At the same time, the software will track the attempt and report to the cyber-crime to prevent any recurrence.
  5. Ransomware Detection: VIPRE is strong enough to offer Ransomeware protection. It uses a multi-step procedure and different techniques such as behavioral detection and heuristics to offer the best protection from this threat.

User Experience

VIPRE is recommended by users for its easy to use features. You can use the antivirus software and all its features without any expertise. The installation is super easy. All you need is to put the license key and then click on agree to start with. The interface is also streamlined and you can make the required changes to make the setting even easier for you. You might be thinking that where to get the key. The key will be provided once you make the purchase. They will give you a product key and you need to use it once you download the software.

After downloading, you need to enter the product key. Once you enter the key, it might take several minutes for the installation. It will do a device scan at the end to ensure that your device is safe. The installation will take up to thirty minutes including the scan. When the installation will be complete, you just need to set up and use the program. The interface is easy to use and there will be some setting to make it simpler for you. If you want, you can change settings such as automatic scanning, scanning behavior, scheduled scans, and frequency of automatic deletions.


When it comes to pricing, you can expect different options. Also, it is supported by a 30-day free trial to help you to decide the one that can fit your needs. There are Identity Shield, Advanced Security, and Security Bundle. The identity shield will offer personal information protection, anti-tracking coverage, and real-time scanning. It will protect only one PC and you will have to spend $29.pp per year for this plan.

The advanced security will also protect one PC. But you can expect some advanced security features such as ransomware protection, anti-spam tools, and robust fireless. For all these features, you need to pay $54.99 per year. You can choose the bundle plan if you are looking for complete protection. You will get some best security features that include phishing schemes and complete protection. However, it is a bit expensive. For this plan, you will have to pay $84.99 per year. You can decide any of these plans depending on your budget and business demands.

Wrapping Up

VIPRE can be the best security solution regardless of the type of your business. It will protect all your online activities. Once you buy this product, you will never be worried while using your bank details and sharing your personal information. The price is the downside since you will have to pay for every device. However, if you consider the overall benefits and advanced features, you might find VIPRE worth spending. Nothing matters more than ensuring your online security when the threat is everywhere. So, take time and make a smart decision!

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  1. Pricilla Albert  

    I am happy that I had made a great idea in choosing the product. This provides me the most secure way of protecting my files. This product is easy to use and also keeps me from worrying about my files being corrupted and my applications being hijacked by viruses like Trojan Horse and so on.

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  2. Carlotta L

    Though I did quite a bit of research and then bought this antivirus software, I find there is a difference between what has been promised and what has been delivered. It slows my system down considerably and I have had no other option but to uninstall it. A total waste of money I would consider this.

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  3. Mariela J.

    Antivirus software mostly is not what we hear and what we get to use. But after using this one I believe that I have taken the right decision. It works quite well and protects my browser and also the software applications running in my system. It also has useful and time tested firewall features that make it a good product

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  4. Bunny

    Choosing accurate antivirus software that works the same way as mentioned in its product features is a very tough. I found this software after walking the task. After using this one, it made me feel safe and secure as far as my data and applications are concerned

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  5. Chester F.

    It was a tough task choosing antivirus software for my system. I had to know a lot more about this product before I could use it. All the information about the product was so accurate and has also helped from phishing attacks. It has given a peaceful way of using my system without having the fear of my files getting stole.

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