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Reimage Patented PC Repair is the only program of its kind. It’s not only a registry fix, PC optimizer or an anti-virus scanner – The Reimage technology reverses damage done to Windows, eliminating the need for time-consuming reinstallations & costly technician bills.
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Intego is a Mac security software company. The company was founded in 1997. The company creates Internet security software exclusively for Mac OS X and macOS, including antivirus, firewall, anti-spam, backup software, and data protection software. You can protect your Mac and your precious data with Intego VirusBarrier, an award-winning Mac antivirus software.
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Norton by Symantec

Symantec is a recognized brand name in the software security field, providing antivirus, anti-spamware, and anti-malware protection. Symantec's products are easy to download and help consumers protect their information beyond the PC.
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McAfee's advanced retail desktop solutions include premier antivirus, security, encryption, and desktop optimization software. Their managed web security services employ a patented system and process of delivering software through an Internet browser to provide these services to users online through its website.

Today’s personal internet experience would not be possible without Antivirus software. When you buy a new computer, the first thing you install should be antivirus software. This guards against cyber threats, viruses, malware, and other malicious intrusions.


Currently, there is a wide variety choose from. There are quite a number of reputable online security companies that sell popular options. These include household names such as McAfee, Avast, and Norton. Most of these have free antivirus protection options or offer free trial periods.


Typically, the free option is often available as a trial for a period of 14-30 days. During this period, the user is afforded a decent amount of protection and features. For example, they can expect standard antivirus, malware, and ransomware protection. Some even include a Firewall to guard against Brute Force attacks.


The fully paid premium versions offer a lot more features. These include Browser protection (Avast even comes with its own secure Browser that resembles Firefox), malware detection and removal, email and website protection, and even password management.


Because of the sheer number of options out there, users can become confused as to which option works best for them. The advice we offer is to go for the trial period. This allows you to install the antivirus software on your PC or laptop and test-drive it. You can then determine which one works best for you.


In many cases, there are actually very few differences between the free and premium versions. For instance, Avast offers almost ALL of the premium features in its free version. The premium (paid) version offers additional add-ons such as password managers, computer cleaners, defrag tools, VPN, parental control, browser protection, anti-hijack features, and a secure browser that can browse the Internet anonymously.


I can not stress enough the benefits of anti-virus software and why you need one. But first, let us look at how a virus works. A computer virus behaves like the one that you get when you’re sick. It enters the server, spreads, and infects. The body then gets feeble while the immune system works to kill the fleas.


It’s precisely the same notion for computer viruses. They infect your computer, and via your online network, they affect other devices. Your computer starts to run slower, much like the human body when it is sick.


A computer virus is a piece of software that can also steal your identity as well as your data and slow down the performance of your computer.


It may also control your entire database once it’s inside your system should you leave it unchecked. To find out more about viruses, here’s a detailed discussion, Trojan Horses and malicious viruses.


Understanding Antivirus software


As the title implies, it’s a program constructed to find malicious scripts and applications that will harm your computer; it’s a program that works against computer viruses.


It utilizes a feature to detect these destructive intruders and deletes them from your system. It’s like everything you would expect from soldiers protecting a specific area or your immune system protecting your physique.


Also, an antivirus program may ask you either to quarantine or to delete a specific disease once it’s detected. Following a script is recognized as malicious, the program recalls the script and stores it in its database to prevent future attacks from the same script.


What Are The Benefits of Antivirus Software?


A computer without an antivirus is a sitting duck. It’s like a house with an open doorway, unprotected and unsecured.


Before we talk about the benefits of getting antivirus software, let us first describe clearly what is it like to own a computer with no. Envision this, even with the very best antivirus on the market, some malware can still creep into your computer, how much more would it be without an antivirus?


Having antivirus software working on your computer ensures your privacy is protected, your identity is safe, in addition to your documents and all of your data. If you are operating within a community, an antivirus can help safeguard computers linked within that system.


To be more specific, here are 10 amazing benefits of antivirus software and the reason you should really consider installing one.


Protection From Virus and Malware Transmission


Like we have mentioned above, in spite of the best anti-virus and malware protection applications, there’s still a slim chance of being infected. You’d rather risk having that slight infection than have your whole files inside your computer destroyed by a horde of infection.


One of the functions of antivirus would be to detect nasty malware or viruses that may damage your pc, and the remarkable thing about it’s that the detection happens even before the virus gets into your system.


An anti-virus prevents this from occurring and stops the virus’s ability to propagate to other computers.


The Ability to Block Spam and Advertising


Spamming is annoying — We can all agree to that. Besides being so irritating, pop-up and spam ads are typical ways that malware and viruses spread.


When you download a file from an unknown source on the internet, odds are they include malicious scripts that can infect your system.


Your antivirus (if you have one) will block hidden malware that accompanies the file you download. When the data is infected, your antivirus will probably prompt you to disconnect and abort the download process.


Spam and ads are standard gateways for viruses to infect computers. It is a good thing your antivirus is designed to block and close such portals.


Examining the pros and cons of Antivirus Software


The computer which we use today is now an important part of our everyday life. Without them, it is extremely difficult for our daily works in addition to our professions. And when utilizing them we always wanted to ensure safety and privacy, especially from viruses.


Antivirus software is designed to remove viruses off your computer. Without an antivirus program, your system will likely be exposed to viruses and other dangers. Apart from removing viruses, an antivirus program does have additional major advantages. When it’s a desktop used in the home or office, it’s vital for an antivirus application to be installed in them. While utilizing them users may come across drawbacks as well.



At last, you’ll know the advantages and disadvantages of utilizing an antivirus program.


Let’s begin,



1. Virus Protection


antivirus software


The most important role of an antivirus program is to stand against viruses and other sorts of malware. The viruses won’t just cause harm to your information, it may affect the overall system performance. They all can occur without your knowledge. The antivirus software installed on your pc finds and removes this malware until they cause any mishaps to your computer.



2. Spyware Protection


Spyware as the name suggests is a sort of malware that spies on your computer stealing all of the confidential details. These details also include credit card information, passwords, and other fiscal data. This finally leads to identity theft. The antivirus software has the capability to protect against such spyware attacks.



3. Web Protection


While surfing the web, users can encounter several different forms of threats. Employing an antivirus program you are able to protect your valuable information while surfing the web.



4. Spam Protection


Viruses may also enter your computer through means of spam emails and ads. These emails and advertisements can show up many times even if you have no interest in it. An Antivirus works by the method of blocking these spam emails and ads.



5. Firewall Feature


Most antivirus programs include a firewall feature within them. An antivirus program with malware features ensures two-way protection to your PC. Hence no hackers can dig the personal pieces of information from your system.



6. Cost-Effective


Even though there are lots of premium versions of antivirus programs for a monthly/yearly subscription fee, there are a few antivirus programs that are entirely free of charge. Such antivirus programs offer practically the same level of security given by the subscription established. Even in the event that you opt to pay for a premium version, they are relatively inexpensive.


Some drawbacks


1. System Slowdown


Utilizing an antivirus program means that a lot of resources from the memory and the hard drive is being used. As a result, it can drastically slow down the overall speed of the computer. Moreover, the process of scanning may also cause lags from the network.



2. No Complete Protection


If you are using a free antivirus program, there is no guarantee it will supply you the complete protection. Most free antivirus apps out there only provide a basic level of security. Moreover, they’re effective at identifying only certain types of dangers. In order for obtaining a complete level of protection, you have to use a firewall as well.



3. Security Holes


Unless the user chooses an action to help keep its upgrade, the antivirus software won’t succeed.



4. Limited Detection Methods


For identifying a potential threat, there is more than 1 method available. However, in the event of antivirus program, it largely modulates the technique of virus scanning. Basically, what happens in the process of scanning is also, it will attempt to look for the virus code patterns. Sometimes the antivirus programs can give you false alarms in the event the scanning matches together with the standard file. What’s more, if there are any new types of viruses that the antivirus program will fail to spot it entirely. That is the reason why antivirus software needs to be updated often.



5. Frequent Ads


Apart from premium versions of antivirus programs, through some means, the free antivirus software must make an income. Promotion is one of the techniques to reach them. Many at times these advertisements degrade user experience by displaying every time.



6. No Client Support


Another drawback of a free antivirus program is the fact that it lacks on the side of consumer support. Unless you pay for the premium version, there won’t be any client service given to you. In the event of any issue, the only means to conquer is through discussion and knowledge bases.


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