Website Templates: 4 Reasons They Make Perfect Sense

Why use website templates to build your site?

Some people have a “thing” against website templates. They insist on having a “custom” look and feel. While there’s nothing wrong with that, web development using website templates has come a long way.

Today, you can build a totally unique professional and highly versatile site using website templates. While it is still entirely possible to code websites and produce exceptional work, templates have taken the world by storm and have redefined the way sites are designed from the ground up.

Below we’ll highlight 4 reasons why you should use website templates for your next web project.

website templates
  1. Quick start

Remember the days when you wanted a website but couldn’t quite figure out how or where to begin? Well, thanks to website templates, those days are long gone.

Today, you can quickly jump over to the many sites featuring awesome templates and simply type your niche, topic, or keyword. You’ll be presented with a generous list of amazing-looking site samples to choose from. This cuts down on the amount of time previously taken up by trying to research and appropriate “look and feel”

Template sites include Envato (owner of Themeforest), Elegant Themes, Template Monster, and even itself.

2. No coding experience necessary

Remember the days when website coders used to charge $200 an hour just because that was the only way to develop a decent site? Today, thanks to website templates, you don’t need to be a coder to develop and launch a highly professional and visually appealing site.

To make it even better, many theme-based platforms like WordPress now come with builders such as Elementor, Divi, and Wp Bakery among others. These builders make it possible to produce any design and functionality imaginable without possessing any coding skills.

3. Scalable

Today’s most common website templates use content management platforms such as WordPress. WordPress is actually the most popular content management platform. Because the content is stored in a database, scaling the site is easy. This fits perfectly into today’s business environment where companies want to grow and expand the reach of their content.

4. Editing a site without interruptions

Back in the days of HTML- coded sites, editing was a tedious and cumbersome process. The entire website had to be taken down in order to facilitate simple edits. That was costly to businesses.

Today, using theme-based content management networks such as WordPress or WIX can be edited without the site being taken down. This is a huge plus for businesses especially eCommerce ones which cannot afford extended downtime.

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